Mobile Device Data Security ebook

Title: “Ensuring Document Security in a BYOD Workplace”

Client: Portal Solutions/Square 2 Marketing

Purpose + Audience

Portal Solutions is a leading technology consulting firm that plans, designs and deploys effective digital workplaces that help organizations increase employee engagement and productivity and improve overall customer experience. Portal Solutions uses the Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint platforms to help employees share what they know and find information they need — anywhere, anytime and on any device.

As part of a marketing plan developed by my team at Square 2 Marketing, I was tasked with writing an ebook for Portal Solutions on protecting sensitive documents in organizations where employees are encouraged to use their own mobile devices, also known as BYOD workplaces.


This project required me to interview an expert in the field of SharePoint management and mobile device security. From there, I had to create a reader-friendly structure that would work in a PDF ebook format and appeal to both business and technical audiences.

My solution explored the benefits and business case for embracing the BYOD workplace as well as the document security challenges it presents. From there, I offered guidance on developing security policies, implementing MDM technologies and training employees for a successful BYOD strategy.


This article required my skills as a journalist and technical writer — from interviewing experts and researching cyber security best practices to organizing information and consolidating input from many sources into one final, cohesive piece of content.


Many organizations now offer the option to bring your own device (BYOD) into the
digital workplace. While BYOD offers significant benefits for both organizations and employees, this model also introduces new risks and challenges. One of the top issues for organizations planning to implement BYOD is data security.
To ensure the security of business documents and data in a BYOD environment, your organization needs a system in place that provides remote access to an ever-growing list of device types and manufacturers. In the event of loss or theft, a successful BYOD system uses mobile device technology to delete email as well as anything else deemed important.
This e-book offers guidance for planning and implementing a system for securing business information in today’s BYOD environment, including suggestions for setting policies, choosing technology and providing training for personnel.

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