A venue’s first event in 25 years; my first Pittsburgh City Paper column in forever

During my stint as Pittsburgh City Paper‘s music editor, I used to write a local music column. I wrote my last one in March 2011, about how it took 5 years for Wiz Khalifa to jump from City Paper‘s cover to Rolling Stone‘s.

Then, last week, I saw ambient band Sleep Experiments play a unique concert in a hall that hadn’t been used in 25 years.

Photo of ambient band Sleep Experiments
Ambient trio Sleep Experiments, from left: Phil Jacoby, Morgan Stewart and Phil Johnson. (Publicity photo)

What was it like?

Well, I wrote a local music column about it:

Paper lanterns light the proscenium, ending a quarter-century slumber. Translucent shapes with dim skeletons cast a gauzy glow over the 200 listeners sitting on heavy wooden benches and the newly swept floor. At center stage is a pair of antlers — homage to the Elks’ heyday, when meetings drew 3,000 to this room. Sleep Experiments begins filling the cavernous ballroom with lush harmonies, ambient tones and ghostly melodies.

Things You Could Do Now

Thanks to Bob Melvin, Greg Dutton and Elks Loyal Knight Brad Richards for their expertise.